Paula Adams

Core Light Healing Seminar


Everyone longs to understand how to create what is truly in our heart.

Core Light Healing is a workshop that uses Barbara Brennan’s model of the four dimensions of mankind: core star, hara, aura and physical to explain the creative process. The workshop is based on Barbara Brennan’s newly released book, Core Light Healing.

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Workshop participants will learn how the creative process flows through the dimensions when our energy flows freely and also when it is blocked.

The workshop will also explain how blocks originate. Various exercises will help participants uncover and explore how these blocks then cause us to have limiting belief systems.

When our energy is unbalanced or blocked and when we hold limited belief systems, our creations are not able to manifest at all or as we intend them. Each participant will walk away with a greater understanding of how their own energy consciousness affects their creative process.

Workshop participants will also enjoy giving and receiving two different healings; one healing is based on the haric dimension and the other healing is based on the auric field