Distance healings are better for clients who would be more comfortable in their own environment. They don't take up so much of my clients time, in getting to and from my clinic and also benefit the environment! Some of my clients are extremely ill and cannot leave their homes. They also live in Greece, Scotland or Cornwall to name a few areas.

As a healer I experience these healings as flowing, powerful and deeply transformative. After receiving their completed Client Information Form, we touch base at the appointed time, on Zoom or Skype and then I enter my clinic and 'welcome' the client onto the couch. I enjoy these healings immensely as I have to really trust my High Sense Perception (yes Crown Chakra fully open!).

I then email a report with what I noted during the healing, the changes and shifts, and anything else that I wanted to share. I love getting feedback from my client's who often mirror back exactly what transpired. There is plenty of space for questions they may have and what the next appropriate action is.