Paula Adams

 Hands of Light Seminar

Created and authorised by Dr Barbara Ann Brennan


A Hands of Light weekend seminar that can change your life with Brennan Healing Science Techniques.

Brennan Healing Science

In the two days you will learn the introductory theory and principles of Brennan Healing Science and energy healing techniques, an enlightening system of energy work that combines hands on healing techniques with spiritual and psychological processes, touching every aspect of your life.

§  Learn healing techniques for yourself and others

§  Access the power of intention, strengthen your internal support system and live your life purpose

§  Access your inner knowing and ability to connect with inner guidance

§  Consciously connecting with Universal Energy through the use of Brennan Healing Science techniques to empower individual and global change

We will explore specific topics including: 

§  Introduction to the Human Energy Consciousness System and Energy Healing

§ Introduction to High Sense Perception

§  Beginning Energy Exercises

§  Energy Healing Techniques: Chelation

*  Self-healing Techniques

I felt completely present yet immersed in a truly enlightening interactive experience that has been both healing and transforming. I really appreciated the gentle, supportive and nonjudgmental way you held space for everyone; guiding us with humility and thoughtfulness, allowing us to trust our own intuition and wisdom. 
— Ally, Sussex

What will you be able to do after attending this workshop?

After completing this Workshop you will be able to:

§   Define and describe the Human Energy Consciousness System

§    Describe the Benefits of Energy Healing

§   Demonstrate the 5 Brennan Healing Science Skills:

        § Tan Tien Ground

        § Colour Breathing

        §  Push, Pull, Stop, Allow, Neutral

        §  Kinesthetic Awareness of the Field with the Hand

        §  Basic Chelation 

What does this Seminar provide?

This seminar provides skills that enhance your ability to create and support increased health and well-being for yourself and others. 

The learning outcomes will be achieved through lectures, demonstrations, exercises, skills practice, discussion and question and answer sessions. You can use this seminar for CPD.

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