Paula Adams

Intuitive Business Woman Lunar Programme


In my healing work, I have often found that spiritual women are confused and unsure in their life’s decisions.  This means that they have difficulty relating to others, living in the now, and experience roller coaster rides in life regularly.

My Intuitive Business Woman Lunar programmes help spiritual women who:




On meeting Paula, I was welcomed into a safe and judgement free environment. Paula listened, really listened, to my story and where I needed help. She showed me techniques to reconnect to myself and how to listen to my body, my head and my heart. She provided tools to overcome the negativity of others which became essential to me in handling everyday life. Paula’s ability to help me realise and visualise my direction, aims and goals, have given me the confidence to take control and make things happen.
— Leah

How can the Intuitive Business Woman Lunar programme help you?

By using the structure of the Lunar phases, you will learn the most effective periods to structure your life in efficient ways. The New Moon phase, for example, is the best time to set intentions, nurture your creative side, and reflect on what you plan to achieve in the following month.

This will enable you to:

In your Professional life

§  Develop techniques to manage stress

§  Set visions, intentions, and build career aims

§  Undertake big projects and developments

§  Become clearer about your career journey

In your Personal life

§  Gain more confidence to tackle any obstacle

§  Declutter, focus, and calm your mind

§  Strengthen relationships

§  Increase your self-belief


Within this Lunar phase structure, you will receive weekly Healings and learn Women Shamanic techniques to develop new ways of bringing your best self forward.

I provide space, support, and nurturing to enable you to have an intimate relationship with yourself. It also results in you liking the person you are!

I assist you in developing a loving and fulfilling relationship with yourself first, then with others (including your career). Your decisions will become more intuitive, life affirming, and lead to peace, contentment, and trust.

To discuss joining the Intuitive Business Woman Lunar programme, please contact me to receive a free clarity call.