Paula Adams



Born second girl child to an ancestral history of carnival people, I very quickly engaged the spiritual world in nature all around me. Growing up on a farm, I wandered amongst the foxgloves and bluebells, making delicious concoctions from wild garlic and dock leaves. I was very much drawn to the trees I climbed and horses that I talked with. I remember clearly the bicycle rides chasing clouds in fields newly cut for hay, collecting flints from the fields and stacking them on the trailer. Wild rabbits and abandoned kittens were my favourite thing in the summer. Reading books in the corner of the living room, in the winter. Looking at old photos I see a fey child caught between being here in the physical and also knowing the invisible world around me, that was never mentioned by anyone.

I left school and worked my way around London as a secretary and receptionist never really reconciling myself with the business world. Moving to Exeter was a real blessing, being once again in nature and Dartmoor. Moving back to Gatwick I was lucky enough to work on the ground as check in staff and also cabin crew for British Airways until I met the children’s father. A new and wonderful life opened up for me as a mother to three of the most amazing people ever.


And then I met Barbara Brennan and Hands of Light Healing. The workshop I attended in 2005 spoke to my heart and I realised that this was my pathway. Although I had to pause my Druid Training to start the four year intensive training I knew that I had begun the most incredibly inspiring journey. The training started in 2006 and I had no idea of the depth of the journey.  Looking at why I said words and did the things I did was only part of the teaching. It was confirmed to me very quickly that there is more than meets the eye in this world!

I was taught pioneering energy healing techniques to restructure and balance energy centers (chakras) as well as clearing blockages throughout the body. Blockages are caused by physical, emotional or mental trauma. Cord Clearing, Hara Healings and Spine Cleaning are useful tools for ancestral ties, not ‘being in the flow’ in life and back pain.

The benefits I have lived since this training are abundant. I have less anxiety in my life, I have so much more happiness and acceptance of the moment. The negative stories filling up my mind are gone, and I no longer feel my emotions take me over. I am grounded in my body and aligned with my Higher Self, which makes life far more centered and less drama inducing. When I feel my anger I tolerate it and don’t fire it at someone or become passive aggressive. And I no longer take life so personally!