Paula Adams

Success Stories


“Thank you for an amazing session with my daughter. It was insightful in so many ways and your method of drawing her into the session and therefore ‘out’ was beautiful, gentle and powerful. Words are too immature to express my deep regard, awe and gratitude for you and your work and what it has both brought and released for myself and my family.”


“I am so glad that someone suggested to me to see Paula. After several sessions with her I am in a much better place, that is massively due to Paula. She is an amazingly warm, caring, understanding lady who has helped me deal with deep emotion and made me believe in myself again and helped me be more positive about the future. I’d recommend her to anyone.“


“Golden of hair, skin so pure, gold as sun, an angel, a cure, a voice caressing, like a gentle breeze in summertime. A tender smile, so warm and kind, were you real? Silky soft hands that were made to heal. We never met before – but yet you felt my pain, I saw the falling rain on your face, your trusting face. You made me safe and guided me through. Paula, I’m so happy that I met you.”


“I first met Paula Adams at a networking event, and instantly felt her serenity and peacefulness.

During a conversation she mentioned about Brennan Healing, which made me curious as a healer and financial coach myself, I love to hear more about the different modalities available. Paula and I had a one-2-one meeting where she was able to give me a deeper understanding of Brennan Healing to the point where I decided to book a session with her.

I have explored many forms of healing as well as different therapies but the experience I had with Paula was absolutely amazing, she was able to tap into my past life and through a natural process enabled me to understand so much more about me as a person. I am truly grateful to you Paula, for your amazing serenity, ability to tap into issues which I wasn’t even aware of, and for helping me to heal. You have been instrumental in releasing blocks, which had they continued would have been a bugbear for the rest of my life.

Paula has a remarkable voice, ideally suited for healing but also for meditation, and I would highly recommend her both as a healer but also as a meditation teacher, her voice alone creates a sense of calmness necessary for effective meditation.”


“Dear Paula

Thank you so much for all that you have enabled me to do. You have given me a whole new outlook on life and myself. It is a wonderful therapy that you practice and a most loving safe space that you have created. I hope that I can build on it. Thank you, thank you, thank you…”


“I have over the years sought to find and connect too a deep sense of Self, which I lost along the way through a disruptive and unhappy childhood. Although many practitioners have helped me move toward attaining this, working with Paula has been the most fruitful and emotionally rewarding experience to date.

During my time with her, I have finally made this important connection; discovering self worth and self love which in turn has given me the confidence to make important life decisions both in my career and personal life.  There can be nothing more important than recognising and feeling our own value; it is life changing.

Paula has been the most important person to help me achieve this and in so doing living the life I have always wanted.

Bless you Paula.”


“After years of depression, anxiety, very low self esteem and multiple food intolerance no matter what I tried I just couldn’t get any better – I was worn out. I had been told by a friend that my physical health would not improve until my mental health was better. Then I was recommended to go and have healing with Paula Adams. In six months my life has changed so much I can hardly believe it. I am not on an emotional roller coaster any more.

I didn’t realise how much anger, deep sadness and fear I was holding inside me. As the weeks went by some times I felt a bit overwhelmed with departing emotion but I only had to contact Paula by email or phone and she would give me helpful advice that I could work with – that support and guidance helped me so much.

My life was a very dark place for over 50 years before I went to see Paula, but NOW I am filled with sunshine and I can eat so many more things – it’s fantastic – I have control back in my life.  If I have a blip emotionally I can deal with it and it is short lived, and I can sleep at night. I also have the confidence to talk to people without worrying what they think of me. My relationships  with friends and family have improved so much.”


“Paula, thank you so much for my most wonderful and inspiring healing session today. I know that you are just the channel but it wouldn’t have been the same without your kindness and compassion. The world would be a better place if everyone had you in their life.”


“When I started treatment with Paula I was preparing to cope with the effects of orthodox treatment for cancer – radiotherapy and low dose chemotherapy. I was aware that, as well as the various alternative therapies I was having, I needed some therapy to work with and heal my life attitudes, as it was the third time cancer had appeared in my body. I believe it was the bodies expression of my mental/emotional issues at the time. Paula’s healing work is in a different class from any other “spiritual healing” I have had.

She used energetic healing, psycho dynamic counselling and work on specific chakras and energy centres very effectively. She has always shown deep concern for my wellbeing and needs. Her focused sensitivity to my state of being and condition of parts of my physical/etheric bodies mark her out as a healer with special talents. If this is the standard that Brennan-trained healers attain after qualifying we need many more of them!”


“I was in an terrible state after coming back from holiday due to a health scare. I was suffering badly from anxiety as well, something with which I have always suffered from and was in dire need of some help. Through meeting Paula it has helped me no end. She is an incredibly lovely woman who really cares about you. We instantly clicked and after a good few sessions I am feeling so much better. I will always suffer from anxiety but it is nowhere near as bad as it was.

Paula is a very powerful healer and can really help you get through the difficult time you are going through. You may be sceptical and everyone is different but all I can say is that it worked for me. Just give it a go, nothing can be lost from trying and you will probably find that you start to feel much better.”


“I first went to Paula for healing about 3 years ago and still regularly go for ‘top ups!’

Paula’s healing sessions have always been very powerful. As she works on the physical, emotional and spiritual body I am amazed at what she is able to unravel.  When I first went to her I was quite an ungrounded soul and learned a visualisation that continues to inform my daily meditation practice.

By scanning my body she is able to ‘sense’ what is out of balance. She has worked on the energy centres -my heart chakra and sacral area to help me release and heal old wounds.  As a therapist myself I still manage to ‘pick up’ the emotional baggage of others!  Paula helps me to clear this from my solar plexus.

She has helped to look deep into the past at experiences and emotions that have shaped who I am and given me the tools to grow into the person I truly want to be.

Thank you Paula. We are blessed to have you as a healer in these troubled times.”


“I greatly enjoyed doing the meditation course with you. When I started I tended to fall asleep or drop out but with your encouragement was able to be more grounded and to go deeper and be more focused and learnt to open all the chakras and become aware of when any became blocked. Thank you.”


“Paula’s work is wonderful. She is warm, caring and supportive. Her intuition, sensitivity and empathy are reinforced and supported by great wisdom and practicality.

Working with her has helped me to understand and care for myself. I have found the resources to develop further, so that I can really enjoy the life I live – and cope with the varied joys and stresses that life has to offer.”


“Paula is a gifted and deeply intuitive healer. As a practitioner, she has a wonderful ability of perception which enables her to pinpoint the root cause of people’s issues. The treatments I have received from Paula have been profoundly powerful and significantly transformative. The work we have done together has enabled me to gain greater focus and clarity, allowing me to be more in control of the direction I want to take in life. I highly recommend Paula as I feel everybody can greatly benefit from her healing treatments, wisdom, guidance and ability to relate to and understand her clients issues.”