Paula Adams

 Brennan Healing


I was drawn to train at Dr Barbara Brennan’s School of Healing in 2006 as her work is deeply grounded in science, psychology, and heart.

Brennan Healing uses High Sense Perception (HSP) to read the client’s energy field, followed by clearing, restructuring, and balancing the human energy field and chakras. This happens alongside Cord Clearing, Hara Healing, Spine Cleaning, and clearing past life influences.

During this work with me, I will assist you to gently explore your inner worlds to create profound and lasting change.

Who are these healings for?

People come to me from a variety of situations. Perhaps a relationship has just come to an end, you have received an unexpected diagnosis, or you feel confused and lost? 

We all long to feel fulfilled in our lives; to shift from merely surviving to thriving. To be heard, and seen.

To feel like you are enough and matter. 

I was lost. I didn’t know who I was, what I wanted, and what made me happy anymore. I was confused, unhappy, and angry.
— Sara, Kent

How is Brennan Healing different?

I work with you with on your core dimension, haric dimension, auric dimension including the seven main chakras and the seven levels of the human energy field and your physical dimension.

Disease shows itself first as a separation from alignment in the core dimension which will effect the haric dimension. A  blockage or disruption in the flow of energy in the higher levels of the field will follow.  If this continues it will affect the functioning of the lower levels and chakras related, eventually disrupting the tissues and organs of the physical body.  At this stage it can be seen by x-rays and medical tests. 

I work with your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies, with hands on and off the body. We will discover your individual reality on these different levels, revealing outdated belief systems that keep you repeating life choices that may have resulted in your current disease process. When you can make choices and decisions from a place of wholeness, then health and vitality follow. Brennan Science works well with standard medical care.

What happens in a healing session?

The first experience that I would want you to have is one of feeling completely safe in a non-judgemental place, this is a time for you to explore all of yourself.  We will discuss your health history, your life history, your intentions and goals, and I will determine the best way to support your healing process.

I will read your aura to get an idea of where you run your energy and where there are blocks which hold belief systems that stop the flow of energy.  You will relax fully clothed on the healing table, and I will continue to assess your chakras and energy field, where there are congestion’s or depletion.

The goal of the first session is to clear, balance and restructure your energy field and see how your body accepts and processes this new way of running energy. Subsequent sessions will reveal further levels of work at a depth that is appropriate to you.

As I work with your body I start at your feet, working my way up the joints of your legs and then resting my hands on or above your chakras, providing deep relaxation.  Further restructuring, clearing, and detailed work will happen, and when finished you are welcome to rest on the table for a few moments.

Any questions that need to be answered are welcomed at the end of the session, and I will share how you can support your healing work.

If you feel that I can help you with a Brennan Healing, please contact me.

Paula’s work is wonderful. She is warm, caring and supportive. Her intuition, sensitivity and empathy are reinforced and supported by great wisdom and practicality.

Working with her has helped me to understand and care for myself. I have found the resources to develop further, so that I can really enjoy the life I live – and cope with the varied joys and stresses that life has to offer.
— Janet, Sussex