What happens when you ditch all the rules about meditation?


Embodiment Meditation – you can’t get it wrong!

When I follow my clients and offer them a non judgemental space in which they can fully open, the magic starts to happen and they can access so much more of themselves.

The benefits we get from meditating range from less stress; being able to deal with situations that were overwhelming before; finding the space to say ‘hold on a minute’ and then to access what we really want; to feeling healthier, lighter and happier.

Yet there is so much information surrounding us on how to do meditation this way, how to sit, what hand positions to hold, how to breath in a certain way etc.  There is nothing wrong with this and for beginners we need to know the foundations and structure.  Once we have the support in place though,  I believe that is when we can truly allow ourselves to be who we really are and transform. 

What is Embodiment Meditation?

Embodiment Meditation is feeling fully alive …  breathing at our own pace … feeling and welcoming the sensations that arise from our bodies … allowing any emotions to reveal themselves … noticing any parts of our body that want to move …  being aware of our core.

Meditating in this way is a dynamic catalyst for enlightenment

For anyone working with clients, this type of meditation is essential for the growth of us, the therapist, and has direct effects with our clients. After reading through the ‘How to …’  take 15 to 20 minutes putting it into effect and let me know how you got on.

How to practice Embodiment Meditation

Set up your space, ensuring that you won’t be disturbed and begin by feeling gratitude towards all in your life right now.  Lie down with plenty of space for you to move.  Feel the earth pushing up to meet and support your body and the acres of space above you, to the very far reaches of the galaxies.  Breathe normally, allowing your body to adjust to lying down and your breathing to become natural and rhythmical.

Allow your jaw to relax, to fall away from your upper teeth and take some time to breathe with an open mouth.  After a while, allow yourself to express a sigh on the out breath, let this be normal and natural, just a sighing on the exhale.  If you enjoy this, experiment with different sighing sounds.

Start to notice how and what your body is telling you.  What impressions are coming to your awareness? Where are they being felt. Whilst you are feeling this, notice if they want to move, to sound, to be.  There is no right or wrong here, this is just your body expressing itself. Whatever sense comes up, welcome it, notice where it is and what it would like to do.  Breathe, move and sound.

Become aware of the energy moving around your body. Where does it feel stuck, flat, blocked?  Where does this energy move a lot and do you want to move your body a lot? Is there heat or prickliness?  Are there places that are frozen and cold?  What happens when the energy wants to be louder?  Do you allow this?  Be gentle and kind to yourself.

Let your body work its way through whatever sensations come up.  Be aware of a particular space in your body, and then aware of the whole of your body.

Allow the impressions to circulate and then move out of the body, breathing and sighing with complete compassion for yourself.  Notice and acknowledge any judgements and come back to your body.

Affirming the Life Force in Your Body

Just a few minutes each day for a couple of weeks is enough for us to start to change our relationship with our body and its thoughts, emotions and physicality.  Spending time allowing and giving space for more of ourselves, coming back to the sensations in our body is the intention of this meditation.  If you would like help with this type of Meditation please contact me here.

I look forward to hearing your experiences and any areas that surprised you in your body.

Inspired by Susan Aposhyan.

Paula Adams