Chakras, Cords that bind us and Relationships


I recently had a client who felt weak, had a lack of energy and had lost her verve for life, so the first place we looked at was her first chakra and cords.

Looking at her past history, we discovered that when she was younger she had fallen on her coccyx and damaged her back, generating scoliosis. Looking even further back she mentioned that her birth had been traumatic and she had always felt disconnected. She never felt grounded, had never enjoyed physical sports and was indifferent to Mother Earth.

Whilst working with her, we uncovered her deep fear of being here on Earth, her fear of the hostility that she felt throughout her life from others. She felt trapped and couldn’t work out how to get out, she didn’t know what she had done to deserve this.

The only way this client felt safe was to vacate her body, in other words to move her energy up and out of her head. This left her body vulnerable and weak.

Barbara teaches how with our Higher Sense Perception we can see auric field interactions between people.

She taught that we have three ways of interacting on the fourth level of the field: the first being bioplasma streamers; the second by harmonic induction; and the third by cords of light which connect us with each other’s chakras.

Not only had my client’s First Chakra been damaged when she fell, but the cords from her First Chakra had been affected too by her difficult birth.

Once I had restructured her First Chakra and then secured her First Chakra cords back into Mother Earth, she started to feel stronger. Her immune system activated and she began to have abundant energy and will to live!

We are all interconnected in so many ways.

The reason why exploring High Sense Perception can help us is because we then have the ability to know and understand these interactions between each other.

On the fourth level of our auric field, there is perpetually moving ‘display of coloured fluid like light or bioplasma’ (Light Emerging by Barbara Brennan).

We think that we stand alone and are independent but we are not! I think that this is the lesson we are learning right now! Did you have a feeling of doom when September 11 happened, or March 11 Tsunami? Maybe it is because we are all energetically connected through this level?

The first type of interaction is ‘harmonic induction’ of frequency between one person and another.

This happens positively with people like Amma the Hugging Saint or Dalai Lama. When you are in their field they uplift you to their frequency.

The second type is the bioplasma I mentioned. These streams flow between people and also between nature and animals. When positive the colours are bright, smooth flowing and powerful.

The third type are ‘cords of light’ through each of our chakras connecting with the other’s chakras, for example between each of our first chakras, or each of our third chakras. Some people say that they want to ‘cut cords’ with another. Barbara teaches that this is traumatic for both people, and so I untangle the cords, repairing them and strengthening them into my clients core. This has profound effects on both people in their relationship.

Our Solar Plexus Chakra (where our ribs meet) has such a lot going on.

It is where our etheric umbilical cord is attached to our birth mother. And whenever we create a relationship with another person, we will grow cords together from this place. The deeper the relationship the more cords grow which strengthen. If the relationship ends amicably the cords slowly disconnect by themselves.

This area is a really great place to start being aware of, if you are interested in your relationships with others. Do you interact as a child to your parent (in other words how are you interacting with the other)? Or are you interacting as a parent to a child? Or are you both interacting as adults?

From the moment we are born, the way we grow these cords with our immediate family will likely be the way we grow them with others. As we begin our own family unit (even with furry children) we will reenact as we did with our initial family and probably create dependant cords on our partner (child/mother).

As we age and mature this will hopefully transform into adult/adult.

When we have healthy relationships these cords are gold, balanced and connected between each chakra to the other.

If the relationship is unbalanced and we are interacting as child/parent then the cords here are dark. After restructuring the Solar Plexus Chakra I disconnect these cords, clear and energise them and reconnect them into my clients individual core.

This can be quite scary for my client, as their anchor is within themselves now, and not the other.

In a divorce or death, people talk about feeling torn apart, or of losing a limb. It is a very vulnerable place to be in, as the cords have literally been torn apart.

In both these cases, support, healing and cord clearing is much needed. If you would like to chat about your cords, chakras and High Sense Perception please contact me here.

Paula Adams